Mobile device hackers

man with glasses picThe rush to design sites for the mobile, and the introduction of the new .mobi domain have given hackers a new opportunity to gain access to what is already a saturated market. The lack of real content, cost restrictions, bandwidth problems and screen size have meant that many mobile users have failed to realise the potential of the web over their mobile phones.

However, hackers are already looking to the mobile for a new and fast growing market to target. Security experts proclaim there are already over 100 viruses targeted at mobiles. That number is set to grow as more and more web designers register their .mobi domains, and start producing accessible, quality content for the mobile. With the introduction of the iphone and more sophisticated ways of browsing, the take-up rate of the mobilel internet is going to grow expotentially over the next few years and so will be the opportunities for hackers to exploit this for financial gain.

Security implications

No doubt security experts will be keeping an eye on this and will be producing security software deliberately targeting mobile phone users. What's good for the hacker is also big business for Internet security firms.

Future Growth

As the cost and bandwidth restrictions reduce, take-up rate for mobile Internet is going to massively increase. This in turn will lead to a rapid spread in security related problems which could provide a new barrier for many mobile users.

The difference between accessing the Internet on your computer and on the mobile is vast. If you get a virus on your computer at home, is it an emergency? You may lose all your files when the system crashes and you have to re-install, which is a nightmare for most of us, but that is the worst that can happen.

Worst case scenario for mobile users is that their phone locks up when their car breaks down, or they're at the scene of an accident and there is no way to phone the emergency services. How many of us know how to re-install the software on their mobile?