The new threat of phone phishing

Phone phishing is a new form of phishing, whereby criminals use different approaches, in order to get you to hand over you personal details by phone.

This can be initiated by:

1. A fake email pretending to be from your bank, giving you an illegitemate phone number to call. Upon phoning this number, you are given a series of questions in order to entice you into giving out your PIN number. These questions can be structured so convincingly, even security concious individuals can be unwittingly duped into giving over sensitive information.

2. False business numbers contained within phishing sites leading to the above.

3. Text messages, faxes and voicemail messages giving ‘too good to be true deals’ you must phone urgently to collect.

Dangers they pose to you

four button graphic1. Identity theft.

2. Large phone bills from premium rate numbers.

3. Financial loss and damage to your credit rating.

What precautions can you take?

1. Be wary of any unsolicited emails, faxes, voicemail or texts.

2. Do not call any numbers unless you know they come from trustworthy sources, even though you may be tempted by financial gains, or promises of prizes. Don't be gullible by becoming prey to scammers.

3. Be alert, stay aware and don’t take anything for granted.