Spyware Remover Software

There are risks associated with using some spyware remover software. Not all anti-spyware software is genuine and a lot of software is written with the sole purpose of either installing spyware/adware on your pc or trying to attract gullible users into parting with their hard earned cash for buying software which is not designed for the sole purpose of removing spyware. Other anti-spyware software may return false positives, in other words it may say it has identified spyware whereas in fact it has identified a legitimate process, file or program as spyware.

It pays to be careful when downloading any software to your pc therefore always read the small print and don't just click that pop-up which claims you have viruses/spyware on your machine in the hope that you can download some software to get rid of the problem. Most likely it will create a greater problem instead of removing it.

Beware of scams, extorters, hackers, pop-ups, fakes, rogue or bogus anti-spyware programs and always be on your guard when online. Only use trusted resources which have been recommended by trustworthy sources.

For a list of rogue anti-spyware products and information on identified problems see http://www.spywarewarrior.com/rogue_anti-spyware.htm