McAfee Spam Test Results

The results are in, and McAfee have discovered that users of it's spam test taken last month are unable to tell the difference between sites that will spam them and sites that do not.

mcafee spam quiz picOver 7000 web users took part in the test and the results were alarming, to say the least. By not being able to tell the difference between a site that produces spam, users could leave themselves vulnerable to receiving almost 2000 emails a week, that's right a WEEK!. All it takes is for you to submit your email address once to an unsafe site and wait for your inbox to start bulging.

What's even more surprising is that over 97% of users got at least one question wrong. This means that almost all of us are leaving ourselves wide open to being ravaged by spam. Submitting your email address to just one spammy site can result in receiving over 1000 spam mails a week.

The average user who took the quiz got almost half the questions wrong, which highlights the fact that most people don't have a clue how to detect spammy sites.

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